Nycote Thinner II (Gallon)

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Thinner II is specifically designed to reduce cobwebbing when spraying Nycote® 7-11 and Nycote® 88. Nycote® Laboratories suggests mixing Thinner II with our products at a 25% to 50% ratio for spraying.


  • Carefully clean surface with Nyclean™ prior to Nycote® spraying application
  • Use latex or neoprene gloves when mixing Thinner II with Nycote®
  • Verify from the spray equipment manufacturer the correct solution mixture
  • In a separate container mix Thinner II with the Nycote® product being sprayed
  • Use low air pressure 10-20 p.s.i.
  • Spray the mixed solution to the equipment/surface needing to be protected

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